Acceptable use

Acceptable Use Policy

This section covers the do’s and don’ts associated with use of LightJar services. If the subscriber does not follow Lightjar’s acceptable use policy, then their account’s functionalities may be limited, or their account may be suspended. Please contact if your account is negatively impacted due to a violation of our acceptable use policy.

As a condition of your use of this Site and the Apps, you warrant to the Company that:

  • You will only use this Site and the Apps for lawful purposes in accordance with the Terms.
  • You accept and understand the subscription limits of this service, described below:
    • Lightjar is a web-based private storage service for subscribers’ to save their media recordings and digital treasures, organize them, view them from anywhere, and share them with friends and family.
    • LightJar is NOT an online public posting site for sharing your favorite media recordings with 100’s or 1,000’s of other viewers. There are specific online websites for this type functionality, and it is recommended that the subscriber first download their files that they intend to post, and then upload these files to the online posting sites.
    • Subscription warning: in any month, if data transfer activity, the bandwidth in Gigabytes  for downloads and sharing, exceeds five times (5x) the storage plan’s subscription size (also in GBs), the subscriber is notified that they are exceeding the limits of their subscription. The subscriber may increase the size of the subscription plan or contact LightJar Support if they have questions.
    • Loss of Download and Share functionality: in any month, if the subscriber’s data transfer activity, the bandwidth in GBs for downloads and sharing, exceeds eight times (8x) the storage plan’s subscription size (also in GBs); the subscriber’s account’s functionality for downloads and sharing is turned off for the remaining days in that month. The subscriber may contact LightJar Support if they have questions. They may also increase the size of their subscription plan.
    • Suspension of Account: when a subscriber loses download and share functionality a third time (3x) with LightJar Service, their LightJar account is suspended. The subscriber will need to contact LightJar support for reactivation or cancellation of their LightJar service.
  • Safeguard your password to LightJar; you should not share it with others. You are responsible for the actions of anyone using your account.
  • Keep your account information current, so we can contact in case of any problems.
  • Do not frame, mirror, or reproduce any part of LightJar’s website or web application for your own use.
  • Do not alter the structure or presentation of LightJar
  • Do not interfere or attempt to interfere with the security and operation of the LightJar web application. This includes, but not limited to, spamming, hacking, uploading computer viruses or time bombs.
  • You will not use or exploit any errors in design, features which have not been documented, or “bugs” to gain access in any way that is not generally known and intentionally made available by us, and you will promptly report to us your discovery of any such errors, features or bugs.
  • You will not create a database by systematically downloading and storing information from the Site or use any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application or other manual or automatic device to retrieve, index, “scrape,” “data mine” or in any way gather information or other materials from the Site.
  • You will refrain from using profane, vulgar, inflammatory, libelous, or similarly discourteous language in any e-mail, post or other communication transmitted through this Site.
  • You will not harass, threaten, stalk, repeatedly contact, or abuse other people when using the Site in any manner.
  • You will not collect or store personal information about any other individual on the Site.
  • You will not send any bulk unsolicited advertising, promotional information, e-mail or other solicitation (including without limitation junk mail, “spam”, chain letters or pyramid schemes of any sort) to any person through the Site.
  • You will not impersonate any other person or misrepresent a relationship with any person or entity, including misrepresenting a relationship with the Company; similarly, you will not adopt a false identity if the purpose of doing so is to deceive or defraud another.
  • You will not forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any information transmitted through the Site.
  • Content placed in LightJar may be protected by others’ intellectual property rights. Please don’t copy, upload, download or share content unless you have the right to do so.
  • We may review your conduct and content for compliance with these Terms. However, we have no obligation to do so. We aren’t responsible for the content people post and share via LightJar.
  • Finally, LightJar is not intended for, and may not be used by, people under the age of 18. By using our LightJar Services, you are representing to us that you’re over 18.