Information for Resellers & Affiliates


This page reviews the following:


Why resell or refer LightJar

Cloud storage services for videos and photos are becoming more common. Why not make a cloud storage service part of your portfolio?  LightJar offers a private, secure means to save, organize, and share one’s media recordings. It works with any device having a modern browser. For families, LightJar is simple memory protection. For businesses, LightJar can be an essential business tool for better collaboration and backup of important work.

Potential Customers for LightJar – would be any consumer or business interested in a Cloud solution for saving their media recordings.  Benefits of a good, cloud storage solution are:  24×7 access from anywhere via the Internet – secure and encrypted and private – easy collaboration and sharing – relatively inexpensive – typically intuitive and simple to use.   Example clients could be professional service firms that employ video, or film studios, or marketing firms, or families wanting to reminisce and share their video and photo collections.

Competitive features – LightJar is made to handle video files, in addition to photo images and audio files.  A web application that works with any device having a modern browser.  Subscribers can upload, access  and share their saved recordings from anywhere, with any device.  No native application that needs to be installed on one’s computer.  It has management tools to help subscribers organize and edit the metadata of their saved media assets.

30% gross profit or more on the resale of LightJar at our suggested retail rates.  As an example, a 100GB Active Plan (holds up to 50,000 photos or 60 hrs of video) is retail priced at $65 for an annual subscription.  The wholesale price is $45.50.

20% commission on referral sales when acting as an Affiliate.   Have your website banners or customer takeaways generate revenues from visitors.   As an example, a website visitor clicks on a LightJar banner on your website, is taken to a LightJar landing page that contains your Affiliate Code in the landing page’s URL, and decides to subscribe to a 250GB Archive Plan for backing up 125,000 photos or 150 hrs of video for an annual subscription fee of $60.   You make $12 commission on the sale, and $12 for each year the customer continues to subscribe to LightJar.

Extend the onetime purchase into an ongoing relationship.  LightJar is set up so that each time your customer uses LightJar, your company name is on display within the application, and linked back to your home website.

A good service vehicle to extend your own company’s business ecosystem – to share files, collaborate with customers to quickly complete projects, and save your hard work.

Examples of how media service houses are using LightJar:

    • Add-on sales to customers’ media conversion purchases; customers convert their media library, and receive it back on DVD and a second copy in LightJar to play, organize, and share.
    • Standalone sale to store visitors
    • Delivery of large orders to customers, such as 50 video files made from video tapes, or 900 images from a photo scan job
    • Two (2) day turnaround on rush orders for file conversions – customers send in their video files for conversion via LightJar, and process lab returns the finished reformatted files back to the customer via LightJar.
    • Faster turnaround on film to DVD conversions, returning an ISO image back to the retailer’s remote storefront for burning a DVD locally
    • Convenient storage for past jobs, such as large photo collections, in archive state, keeping jobs organized and information readily available for access by smartphone or computer.


Differences between Reseller and Affiliate roles

Depending upon how you operate your business, you may choose to only resell LightJar, or choose to only refer customers to LightJar, or choose to offer LightJar in both fashions.

A Reseller controls the sale to the end customer, buying  an annual subscription to LightJar at a wholesale rate, marking up the price, and possibly bundling LightJar in with other products and services for a complete solution.   The end customer pays the Reseller for LightJar, and the Reseller pays the supplier (LightJar) a wholesale rate for the service.   In the sales’ process, it is the Reseller that influences the customer’s mindset, and it is the Reseller that delivers the value of a solution.

Additional considerations for the Reseller – we program into the LightJar application the Reseller’s company name and website link so that the subscriber continues to see the Reseller’s name when using LightJar, and can return to the Reseller’s website with a single click.  As currently set up, we do not offer multi-year subscriptions.  When a subscriber renews their LightJar subscription, we pay a 15% commission via PayPal to the Reseller, and continue to do so for as long as the subscriber keeps LightJar.

An Affiliate sells LightJar, not through resale, but referral; and is paid commission on the sale.  The affiliate refers potential customers to LightJar via links on their website or customer takeaways in their store.   As an affiliate marketer, you are given a unique ID number, an affiliate code.  When the visitor clicks on a LightJar link placed on your website (via banner or other message), they are directed to LightJar landing pages associated with your affiliate code.   If our LightJar message resonates with the customer and a subscription is purchased, we track the sale back to you.  After the sale is made, you are given a 20% commission on the sale.  Your online affiliate dashboard keeps track of commissions earned, commissions owed and paid, and potential leads of customers that left their email address on your LightJar landing pages.  We continue to pay a commission each month or year that the subscriber continues to use LightJar.   We use LeadDyno affiliate tracking software, a recognized top ten tracking software program for affiliate marketing.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that is allows the affiliate to sell LightJar with little overhead and very few customer service issues.  Additional consideration for the Affiliate – it is optional for the Affiliate as to whether their company name and website link appear in the LightJar application when the customer is using LightJar.


How to purchase LightJar at 30% off retail rates

You need to be set up as a Reseller in order to purchase LightJar at wholesale rates.   If not already a Reseller, contact us at 800-325-9541 or email us at, or go to reseller registration.    We will review how things work with you, and if in agreement, establish your company as a Reseller of our services.   We will assign your company a LightJar Affiliate Code, agree upon your company name and landing page link for when customers want to visit your services’ page from within LightJar, and we will provide secure log-in credentials to our reseller website.

Payments – all LightJar subscriptions are purchased via credit card, so you will need to update your account information with a saved credit card.  Once entered in the reseller website, the credit card information is no longer visible to us, and is protected by TrustGuard.

After logging into the Reseller website. Select the LightJar Cloud Storage category.  You will need to be logged as a reseller in order to see the correct products and wholesale discounts for any estimates or purchases.  Choose the appropriate service for your customer – ACTIVE for 24×7 immediate access to all stored items; ARCHIVED for long term backup and delayed restoration; and MANAGED for a combination service.  In terms of pricing the Active plans are the most expensive, and Archived plans the least expensive.

Select a plan, and enter all the requested information about your customer.   After your order is submitted you will receive a confirmation email and order number.  Based upon your order’s information, we will establish the LightJar account for your customer within 24 hours, and email you the customer’s login id and temporary password for LightJar.   When the order is completed, we will charge the credit card on file.  The customer will be able to begin using their LightJar subscription immediately.  Upon first login, the customer sees  a message informing them there is a short how-to-use-LightJar video for their review, and where it is located in the User Support Center if they do not wish to watch it at that time.


Training and Support

LightJar’s support team is responsible for handling your customers’ questions and support needs.  Subscribers have access to us via a Chat service or a Help center for asking questions, and our phone number is given in the Contact Us section in the application footer.   In addition, we have a User support portal with video overviews on how to use the LightJar service, as well as, answers to the most frequently asked questions.

However, if a Reseller or Affiliate is promoting LightJar, then it would be good if they knew the product as well; both to help sell it and answer basic questions.  The user Support Center, located in the bottom footer of the LightJar application, provides information on how to use LightJar, and we are continuing to add more information to this portal based upon customer feedback.   We have a 24×7 chat line for LightJar subscribers, and if needed, tools to share subscribers’ screens and control their cursor.

To help with getting resellers and affiliates introduced to LightJar, we offer a no-charge 25GB Active Plan subscription for one year for the affiliate and/or reseller to use in its own business.


How to become an Affiliate

Go to the Affiliate Intro Page and sign up at the bottom of the page.   We will get in contact with you, discuss your plans, and set  your company up as a LightJar Affiliate.   You will have access to your own private affiliate website with information that will help you refer LightJar to your customers, and statistics on visitors, sales, commissions owed, and commissions paid.


What useful information is on the LightJar Affiliate website?

Your Affiliate Dashboard (click on it for an example) contains the following important items:

      • Your unique Affiliate Code – we use the code in the following ways: 1) program the LightJar application to show your company name, and link the company name back to your website; 2) auto-populate the Affiliate Code entry box during subscriber sign-up so that you are credited commissions during initial sign-up and subsequent renewals; 3) embed this affiliate code in URL links associated with online marketing materials, so that potential subscribers are directed to LightJar landing pages associated with your company; and 4) use the Affiliate Code to associate visitors that do not buy on the initial visit to LightJar as potential leads associated with your company, and if they buy in the future, your company receives the 20% commission referral fee.
      • Current Promo Codes - a promo code is given by you to the customer.  The promo code provides additional storage capacity within their LightJar subscription plan for no extra cost, and is a way for you to entice the customer to sign up for LightJar sooner than later.   Such promo codes come only from Affiliates, not from LightJar itself.
      • Marketing Materials – banners, sample email letters, blog posts, content for social websites, postcards, URL links, etc.   HTML content and links are unique to your company.   Here are examples of LightJar banners for your website.
      • Tracking Commissions Dashboard – what had been sold, how much commission is owed, and how much commission has been paid.
      • How is Commission Paid?  Answer – Via PayPal.   You need to update your account in the Affiliate Website to show your PayPal email address.   There are no service fees deducted by PayPal when paying commission.   Commission is paid at the end of each month.


How to get started

      • Visit LightJar and sign up for the 10GB Monthly Plan. The first 30 days are a free trial. Judge the service, test it out, visit the support center, and determine if this is something that you might use in your own business and/or feel comfortable recommending to your customers.
      • Once satisfied, if you choose to keep the service for your own use, we will condition your LightJar account to receive a 30% discount on whatever sized plan you intend to use.
      • Call us on 800-325-9541, or write us at  We will set up our systems so that you can order LightJar at wholesale rates (30% off retail), plus have access to the media kits for your website and store walls.   We will need 30 minutes of your time to walk you through use of the systems.  Make sure we provide you a unique Affiliate Code for your company, for use when purchasing LightJar for your customer, and for use in setting up your website banners and information brochures.  The Affiliate Code helps keep your company name in front of customers when they are logged into LightJar; plus directs a 20% commission to your company for as long as your customer continues to use LightJar.